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Getting to Know: Kevin Stephenson, MD

Kevin Stephenson, MD

Many of you may have noticed a new face at report! This is Kevin Stephenson, the General Medical Sciences Fellow for this academic year. He has already provided several great clinical pearls at report and it has been a joy to have him join us. See below to get to know Kevin some more.

Kevin Stephenson is a new fellow in the division of General Medical Sciences. He’s originally from St. Louis (Billiken for life) and is very happy to be home and near family. His wife, Sophia, is a pediatric hospitalist with BJC, and they have a 5-year-old lab/black and tan coonhound mix named Kora.

His fellowship is focused on research with his mentor Dr. Brian Gage. They will study the pharmacogenetics of warfarin, using statistical modeling and implementation science. Kevin is also interested in the inpatient management of substance use disorders. He has studied the overlap of methamphetamine intoxication and sepsis, and would like to explore the management of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys relaxing with family, biking, fly fishing, reading, and following St. Louis sports teams. Having just finished residency, Kevin is very excited to get to know the Wash U IM residents. He will attend on FIRM later this year and join report whenever he can. He adds: If you see someone looking lost and wearing a mask with a cat pattern, please help me find where I’m trying to go. Barnes is large.