The Mentors in Medicine (MiM) program provides the opportunity for career development and research mentorship for residents in the Internal Medicine Residency Program. The program encourages and helps residents to develop and implement research endeavors. Housestaff who have an interest in participating pair with a mentor to develop a research protocol and prepare & brief application for submission to the program. Applications undergo review by Washington University faculty. Most applications get funded after making some minor protocol revisions in response to reviewer input. For applications not initially approved for funding, the program encourages prompt revision and resubmission. The program hopes to fund all applications. The program expects funded applicants to complete the approved project within the proposed timeline, and submit and, hopefully, present an abstract at a national meeting. The program expects applicants to attempt to produce a first authored manuscript and submit it to a peer-reviewed journal.

MiM research program leadership encourages meetings with housestaff to discuss research ideas, help identify a suitable mentor, review and discuss application drafts prior to submission, and discuss comments from peer reviewers. The program also provides support and oversight to funded applicants.

House staff who develop a research project through a residency training pathway should coordinate the submission with the pathway leader. C-STAR applicants may use their C-STAR research project for a MiM research program application.

Questions? Please contact:

Dr. Brian Gage, Pathway Director

Ann Ahrens, Pathway Coordinator