The Washington University in St. Louis Global Health Scholars Pathway is designed for residents who wish to explore Global Health as a possible career avenue. It is designed to educate leaders in research, public health and health policy, advocacy, education and project implementation.  It will increase the residents’ understanding of health systems, the impact of culture and the social determinants on population health, and foster skills for providing care in resource limited environments. The pathway is customizable based on the Resident’s interest and prior experience in Global Health. Residents apply for the pathway during intern year and will have dedicated time to pursue the multidisciplinary “Global Health and Health Equity” course in their second year, as well as time for a rotation abroad or locally. WUSTL and international mentors will assist the residents to select a site amongst our institutional partners and a focus for their scholarly work. Scholarly work is a requirement and can be in clinical or basic science research, public health, education or ethics. Local avenues are available for additional clinical experience in international, immigrant and refugee health as well as TB and HIV clinics.

Questions? Please contact Caline Mattar, MD