Financial Education Lecture Series: Speaker Panel Exploring Career Pathways
Financial Education Lecture Series: Speaker Panel Exploring Career Pathways

Dedicated to helping you keep a healthy balance in your life. You spend much of your time helping your patients, it’s important to make sure you take the time to stay healthy.

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Emotional: building your inner strength

Residency is a uniquely trying moment in the professional life of a young doctor. You will be tested intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. While challenging, this time can serve to build a great reservoir of character, compassion and altruism. We have established a course of large and small group didactics to give our residents a set of tools they can use to bolster their emotional resilience and improve their patient relationships.

Financial: building your portfolio

You will transition from full-time student to full-time employee in residency. Many will, for the first time, receive a salary, purchase a home and begin servicing student loan debt. As you progress through training, you will be offered your first contracts. We offer a Financial Education Lecture series that will help you prepare for your first professional job. Student debt, contract negotiation and other topics that will help prepare you for the future.

Physical: building your health

Residency is a time consuming endeavor. The hours are long, and tasks require mental diligence. We know these demands can make it difficult for you to make time for exercise or recreation. We have established a lectureship to help our residents manage sleep and fatigue. We also have an on-campus fitness room in order to facilitate convenience and accessibility. There are also opportunities to join various intramural team sports, such as sand volleyball and kickball, with your colleagues.

Social: building a community

For you to succeed, you must have both world-class clinical training and a culture that supports collegiality and teamwork. In our efforts to achieve this, the residency program in conjunction with Balance in Medicine sponsor multiple social events throughout the year. They include an intern welcome party, fall picnic, holiday party and many others.

Resources: building your toolbox

BJC Employee Assistance Program

GME Wellness Website