Chiefs Blog

Congratulations to the Housestaff of the Month for August 2020!

Inpatient Resident of the Month – Jesse Zaretsky

“I had the pleasure of working Jesse Zaretsky several times during his recent ED month. He was great to work with – he showed great clinical skills, medical decision making, and follow through, and was able to handle seeing multiple, critically ill patients with a great attitude and calm demeanor.”

Inpatient Intern of the Month – Jesse Crayle

“He was thorough, always followed up on tasks in a timely manner, and knew his patients extremely well which was key when both a new resident and attending came on. He handled his intern duties very well despite a very busy month” 

Outpatient Housestaff of the Month – Austin Niu

When a patient’s UDS came back positive for buprenorphine but not buprenorphine metabolites, Austin discussed this with the lab and discovered a testing error – essentially another UDS had buprenorphine placed in the urine and concentrations were so high that it caused false positives in subsequent samples, including the patient Austin saw. As a result of Austin’s advocacy the lab is doing quality improvement to identify and reduce future incidents.”