Chiefs Blog

Congratulations to the Housestaff for September, 2020

Inpatient Resident of the Month: Dr. Becca Wiesehan: 

“She managed a complex list of patients with ease, with a great sense of prioritization, while providing great teaching pearls to the medical students and other members of the team. Not only was she a great teacher, but she consistently was excited to learn from the new cases on our service. She leads with a great sense of independence but also knows when to appropriately ask for assistance, which is not an easy task to grasp as a new senior resident … Becca truly embraced the role of a senior resident – she is very respectful with all those with whom she interacts and she delivers exceptional and compassionate care to all patients who are fortunate to receive care from her.” 

Inpatient Interns of the Month: Dr. Millie Horn and Dr. Alex Scherer 

“They were phenomenal to work with for 3 weeks.  They were both efficient and thorough regarding their patient care. But what stuck out to me the most was their teamwork and comradery. They were quick to help each when needed and kept positive attitudes throughout our time. Both our attending and nurse both commented separately to me that they had a good working relationship and enjoyed having them on the cardiology floor.  Being their senior resident was a pleasure–both for their ability to care for patients and their ability to cohesively work together and keep enjoyable (even during call days).” 

Outpatient Housestaff of the Month: Dr. James McMenimen 

“In the clinic, James is the ultimate role model for his colleagues. He demonstrates a rare work ethic in which he shows true devotion to the care of his patients, even when it requires he go above and beyond that expected. In addition to this, he has fantastic medical knowledge and demonstrates this well in the care of his patients. On his clinic team, James is approachable and serves as a great advisor for his more junior colleagues. Last, his humility and openness to learn makes him a joy to work with. Go James!”