Chiefs Blog

Congratulations to the House Staff of the Month for July 2020!

Inpatient Resident of the Month – Jesse Yoon

“Jesse was so patient with us (even when we called him on his days off), always knew our needs without asking, gave us freedom when we wanted it, guidance when we needed it, AND brought snacks every call day. I felt so comfortable and at ease knowing he had my back. Our team worked so smoothly together because of him.”

“I had so much anxiety starting residency and moving to Saint Louis alone in the middle of everything that’s going on. Jesse was so exceptional at his job as a senior. He helped us learn, adjust to residency, and gave us space to talk about what was on our minds. Had such a great experience on medicine because of him and a great month in general.”

Inpatient Intern of the Month – Elissa Arnold

“She is a fantastic person to work with. She not only worked very efficiently as an intern but also functioned as an independent resident at times (but still under supervision, of course). She was always critically analyzing diagnoses and management, and she often found things that others had overlooked. She had fantastic rapport with her patients, several of who requested she be their PCP! She also took it upon herself to help teach and guide our medical students. All of this, and more, makes Elissa the perfect nominee for Intern of the Month.”

Outpatient Housestaff of the Month – Connor Williams

“From the start in clinic he embraced the anchor team concept, set up the text group for our team and sent the texts out on anchor days without being asked to so. He’s a team player and is clearly invested in supporting his colleagues even in matters that require a big chunk of time on his part.”