Valerie Le, MD

What drew you to WashU?

The comradery among the residents drew me in the most. Watching the residents support, tease, and love one another was the most convincing aspect of this program. I honestly think it still very much is.

What is your favorite part about living in St. Louis?

St. Louis is quite balanced – it’s small enough to have the homey feeling, where people still smile and say hello to you on the street, where traffic is rarely a topic of discussion, where life and its small luxuries are incredibly affordable; but it’s also big enough to have all of the attractions of a larger city, where there is an endless variety of tasty restaurants and diverse cultures, where park-space is abundant, and where the MLB and NHL still have homes and extremely passionate fan-bases. It’s a great city to build a life, a home, and/or a family (only if you wish, but having the option is really nice).