Vijay Kannuthurai, MD

What drew you to WashU?

The people! More specifically, when I interviewed, I was aware of the weight that the WashU name carried. However, what really separated it from other programs was my interaction with all of the residents during my interview day. Each one was extremely down to earth and approachable, and I felt very comfortable in that environment. On top of that, this friendly atmosphere also extends to all of the faculty and staff you will interact with in your 3 years of training here. It is just a great place to be, with the best kind of people!

What is your favorite part about living in St. Louis?

My favorite place to visit in St. Louis is the Botanical Gardens. While it’s one of the few things you do have to pay for (but memberships are super cheap and pay for themselves in 2-3 visits!), it truly is a world class garden that is the result of decades of smart planning. There is something for everyone — play places for young children, a huge “indoor” tropical area for cold days, tons of ancient trees, and a lot more. It would probably take several trips and untold hours to cover the entire thing. It’s basically guaranteed that anyone who comes to visit gets dragged to the Botanical Gardens for a few hours!