Sonia Godbole, MD

What drew you to WashU?

Initially I only applied because of the program’s reputation, not knowing anything about the city or the program specifically. I was really sold by the interview day. All the residents I met were helpful, friendly, down to earth, and fun to hang out with while sharing some pizza during “Pizza Rounds.” All the parting PGY3’s thought they’d gotten great training and seemed like they were really close with their co-residents. I am interested in teaching, so the fact that WashU also has a dedicated pathway you can apply for during residency that helps prepare you to be a clinician educator (WUTPP)was also a plus. I had the best “gut feeling” at WashU out of all of my interviews.

What is your favorite part about living in St. Louis?

My favorite activities in STL so far have all been in Forest Park. I love musical theater, and the MUNY is a huge outdoor amphitheater where they do two week runs of over five full length musicals throughout the summer. If you don’t mind sitting way up in the balcony, it’s entirely free! Other highlights include Shakespeare in the Park, outdoor concerts by the symphony, and an amazing zoo. Even in COVID times, just having a casual picnic with friends on Art Hill is a great way to spend a day.