Erin Dyer, MD

What drew you to WashU?

I was first attracted to Wash U because it has a reputation for producing excellent physicians. There are so many opportunities here for research and scholarship, and I know that if/when I apply for fellowship, other programs will know that I received top-tier training here. I got such a great feeling about Wash U from my interview day. The dinner was so much fun; all the residents were super friendly and welcoming! I got the impression that the program truly cares about resident wellness. So far everything that attracted me to Wash U has proven to be true, and has even exceeded my expectations!

What is your favorite part about living in St. Louis?

There are so many things that I love about living in St. Louis! I love all the fun things to do that are completely FREE, like the museums and the zoo. Forest Park and Tower Grove Park are so nice for walking, biking, picnicking, whatever you want! There are so many great options for food and lots of international cuisines. I live within walking distance of the hospital, and it’s great to not worry about driving to work and parking in the garage. St. Louis has all the amenities of a big city, but it’s really easy to get around and very affordable. I’m really happy here so far!