Timothy Daugherty, MD

What drew you to WashU?

WashU struck the perfect balance for me of the clinical training environment and life outside of the hospital. In the clinical training environment, you get strong training at an institution with an excellent reputation where you care for common and rare conditions in patients with and without resources. And, I get to do this all alongside kind colleagues who are a pleasure to work with and learn from every day. Beyond the hospital, St. Louis is a city where there is lots to do, all of which are easily accessible, by location and price, and the people are kind and awesome to be around. I was drawn here because WashU and St. Louis seemed to be (and have been) an exceptional balance of all these things.

What is your favorite part about living in St. Louis?

In any residency, your time outside of the hospital will be limited (we have a pretty extraordinary schedule balance here, but it’s still limited), so it’s essential to have things you want to do that are easy and accessible. Here, anything you could want to do, like fantastic restaurants, museums, pro sports, and beautiful nature, is less than twenty min away (usually under ten) and easy to do. There’s always something exciting to do and a great group with which to do it.