Douglas Kyrouac, MD

What drew you to WashU?

I grew up 2.5 hours away from St. Louis, so I was familiar with the program from a young age. I was drawn to the type of residents that WashU generally recruits: humble yet hungry. The residents that I met were down to earth and relatable yet well-spoken. It has been an honor to be a WashU resident for these past 3 years.

What is your favorite part about living in St. Louis?

St. Louis is a convenient place to live. The central location of the hospital allows us residents to maximize our time outside of the hospital. Rather than driving each way to work, I am able to take advantage of so many activities that are within walking distance to the hospital. There are nearby parks (Forest Park and Tower Grove Park), nearby bike trails (Katy Trail, MCT trail, riverfront trail), happy hour in the Central West End or The Grove, weekly trivia, the Planetarium, Plays/Shakespeare in the Park, etc. And given the size of our program, there is generally another resident on a similar schedule who can find similar time off to explore the city.