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New Year, New Handoffs

Hello again from the VA! Previously, inpatient medicine teams were responsible for manually updating Word document handoffs which led to inaccuracies and redundant work. This year, we have introduced the Shift Handoff Tool, a handoff program embedded into CPRS. It has many advantages including auto-populating information such as patient name, last 4, room number, code status and medication list and allowing multiple providers to edit the handoff. This tool also allows for standardization of handoffs across all medicine teams.

This initiative began as a QI project led by former CRQS and current Med Ed fellow Justin Chen and has continued this academic year. The transition to Shift Handoff Tool began in August 2020 with our SLU colleagues rotating at the VA on Med II. As of December 2020, all Med I teams have transitioned to the Shift Handoff Tool. See below for a preview of what the tool looks like!

We continue to collect feedback from our residents regarding this transition. Thank you to the VA Med Ed team as well as our past and present QI rotators for their help on this project – your contributions have made this a success!